Image Search Abstraction Layer API

Coded by Joshua Davidson


A simple image search abstraction layer API that takes a search string and returns a set of image data including name, image url, and page url. The API can take an offset and limit parameter to paginate and limit results. A history log can also be called to list the previous searches. The history log can take a limit parameter to limit results.

Append your query to to give it a try!
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Example Image Search Usage

Example Image Search Output

[ { name: "Free Code Camp 3rd Meetup! - Free Code Camp Austin (Austin, TX ...", url: "", pageURL: "" } ]

Example History Usage

Example History Output

[ { timestamp: "2016-08-20T01:37:44.762Z", query: "free code camp" }, { timestamp: "2016-08-20T01:37:40.054Z", query: "freecodecamp" } ]